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      Discover proof of exploits early

      Discover proof of exploits early

      Threat Intelligence
      Track emerging exploits across the Web with Feedly AI

      Does your team track emerging exploits across cybersecurity websites, code repositories, and social media sites?

      We just released a new Proof of Exploit AI Model that I think you will find valuable.

      This new machine learning model allows you to:

      • Discover proof of exploits early
      • Research how vulnerabilities are being exploited
      • Link exploited CVEs to adversary behavior

      Curious how it works? Here is a tour

      Example: Proof of Exploits related to Google Chrome
      A machine learning model that flags mentions of exploits
      Fewer false positives than basic keyword searches
      Quickly identify key exploit sentences
      Popular exploit use cases

      Speed up your cyber threat intelligence

      Proof of exploit is one of the machine learning models included in Feedly for Threat Intelligence. Start a free 30-day trial to see how Feedly can help you speed up your threat intelligence.